Disruption and fleeting personal interest have killed my desire to continue with Formaldehyde, in it's place is an aptly titled EP of tracks that have failed to Become during my struggle to maintain focus

Out on 28/04/14



Fistulae's Chris McNicholl got in touch recently and asked me to get involved in some more collaborative work, this time with various other people to be announced in the coming weeks.  I was apprehensive agreeing to the interview as I'd never given an interview before, and would prefer to remain silent about what I'm doing these days until I have something to show for it.


Fistulae's title for the collaboration is called  Feature Creep and it has a Kickstarter

I've been busier than expected in the last month. As I hinted last month, through a chance meeting a collaborative album between my good self and Fistulae has borne fruit in "Paving Good Intentions". This will be released on the 26th of this month, and in the meantime is available to preorder just now for a mere £2.

Fistulae hails from Paisley, (and hasn't the sense to get the hell out of there like I did) and makes some interesting electronica. There's plenty of variation as Fistulae channels influence from too many genres, including but not limited to acid jazz, doom metal, techno and more. For a hint of what to expect from our collaboration, be sure to check out Fistulae on bandcamp

After some rest and reflection I will return to work on Formaldehyde.

I'm about 80% sure I've completed the first track for Formaldehyde, as I said previously it's position in the track listing is still unknown.  While I'm listening to the various mixes, over the next few days/weeks before deciding it's totally done, I expect like today that I will be receiving images in the back of the mind's eye of dank swampland in the night, distant tribal percussions that inform of the impending departure of a soul struggling to rip through death's veil into the beyond.  Perhaps listening to these at night will inform me of other images that are conspicuous by their audible absence.

I spent some time last night actually putting some of my ideas out of my head and into the audible realm.  Quite pleased with what I've started, and will resume where I left off later on Monday or Tuesday.  Usually the first track of an album that is recorded ends up being the opener, not so sure about that this time round.  More on this later.

Having time to think is a dangerous thing, it's worse when you have time left over to put what you've thought about into action.  I have decided that BNIIPOTD will suffer one more album in Formaldehyde.  In the time between now and its release, there will also be the release of بعل الذباب sometime in January of 2013, this was recorded earlier this year for my work  with the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub, and they currently are hosting mp3s of the individual tracks for free.  As usual for my work on this website, I will offer it in a variety of audio formats and perhaps include some bonus items for the few who get in there first.

Expect also a couple of singles and remixes prior to Formaldehyde's release.  After Formaldehyde, BNIIPOTD will cease to be except as a spirit of unpleasant times to be invoked for the very rare and occasional expansion of the Music for Ritual series, which of course will be free to download. 

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